The Classic Workbench from Benchcrafted ($2600) as they state on their website is based largely on the famous Plate 11 workbench from Roubo’s “The Art of the Joiner”. The Classic is a simpler, easier to build version of Roubo’s bench. French technical schools of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were outfitted with benches just like this.

The bench goes together with only one type of joint: the drawbored half-lap mortise and tenon. The guys at Benchcrafted refined this joint during their French Oak Roubo Projects and it is, for this purpose, indestructible.

The bench can be made entirely from widely available 8x4 stock, plus a few feet of 4x4. You can buy one here or you can buy plans for just $18. 

Inspired by the beauty of this workbench I decided to build one for myself. Also, I decided to make some modifications that would suit my needs. If you want to build the one that is on the photo above the easiest way is to buy the plans from Benchcrafted and download their 27 pages of notes covering the bench’s design theory and detailed construction process and techniques from here


As soon as the build is done I will make a detailed post. So check for the update at a later time.