I was passing Hardwoods in the Rough almost every day for the past several months but never had time to stop by and see what they have in store for me. Yesterday I finally stopped by. If you are passing through Manassas on Liberia ave you cannot miss that premier dealer of fine, unique and rare hardwoods for any home improvement or craft project.

The store is divided into three parts: a showroom for the tools, warehouse for wood and woodworking shop with a 20-inch planer and 50-inch sander. One hour of the shop time is $85 but that saves you a lot of time. As I was told it will take about 30 min to plane an 8ft live edge slab on their machine.

The staff was super friendly: not pushy, but always there for you if you need any help. I was looking at live edge slabs and after a little chat about prices and Sawstop (yes, they sell that magic saw) I was left alone. Exactly as I like it. The guys were nearby so if I had a question I could ask it anytime.

The only drawback was that the live edge slabs were all stacked and it was hard to choose the one you actually want.

There were no price tags on the slabs either. Your average live edge slab costs about $150-200. For a wide one which will work for a bar countertop, you might pay about $300.

You can choose from: 

Walnut with curl
Mexican Ebony (Katolox)
Caribbean Rosewood (Che Chen)

But what if you do not need that huge live edge slab? There is a good choice of wood for smaller projects. 


I think the prices are ok. If you have other options please share your knowledge and leave a comment. I know at least two or three other places in the 50-mile radius south of DC.

Check their website before heading to the store hardwoodsintherough.com There is a community page on the website but it is empty. The idea was great though: to create a space for their customers to share projects made with the wood they bought. Maybe my project will be the first one.