My first impact driver was a 12v Makita. Actually, it was a set that included a drill and an impact. I was very excited when I got them. With the impact, my life got a lot easier. Pretty soon I realized the limitations of a 12v tool especially when it came to securing a deck ledger board. But the decision to upgrade was made not because of the lack of power but because of the amount of noise my old impact was making.

Recently I was painting 45 kitchen cabinets. As part of the project, I was replacing the old hinges. I picked up 6 boxes from Home Depot (1/2 inch overlay) and hardware associate handed me Kreg concealed hinge jig. He did not see that I already picked up another one for about $10. I told him that I already have gotten one and that Kreg would probably be twice the price.

I got a $100 Home Depot gift card and was thinking what to get with it. I was leaning towards wood for my glass tables project but came across an interesting item: Milwaukee 2701-22ct drill/driver. It was on sale for $100 instead of $200 regular price. Not that I needed a new drill, my Ridgid was working perfectly well. On top of that I did not own any Milwaukee power tools.